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1284 Main St., Brockton, MA
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New Flavor Coffees
Fool's Gold
Strawberry Cream Coffee, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Shot
Banana Coffee, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow shot

Booster Cake
Strawberry Cream Coffee, Marshmallow, Esspresso Shot

Banana Cabana
Vanilla Latte, Coconut, Banana Coffee
Mocha Masquerade
Huse Blend Coffee, White Choc Sauce, Strawberry, Blueberry
Brain Freeze
Irish Coffee, Mint, Esspero shot
Caramelo Cup
Peanut Butter, caramel Swirl, House Blend
Cafe Supremo
House Blend, Bark Choc, Swirl, Strawberry, Esspreso shot.
Double Dip Swirl
Oreo, Dark Chocolate Swirl, City Roast Coffee
Toasted Almond, Marshmallow, mocha, coconut
White choc coffee, Raspberry, White Choc Swirl
Gourmet Coffee
Almond Joey
Toasted Almond coffee, shot of coconut and Mocha
Angel's kiss
Banana Coffee, shot Strawberry, shot toffee.
Banana Split
Banana Coffee, Mocha and shot strawberry.
Banana Delight
Banana Coffee, Mocha and shot Toffee.
Coconut Paradise
Hawaiian Coffee, shot of Coconut and mocha.
Caramel Fudge
Reg. Coffee, mocha and caramel.
Elaina's Coffee
Cinn. Hazelnut coffee, mocha and cinn. Powder.
Frosty Mist
Toasted Almond Coffee, mint.
Jungle Fever
Banana hazelnut coffee and shots of coconut
Mocha Rocca Berry
Reg. Coffee, Strawberry, Blackberry and mocha.
Pot of Gold
Irish Coffee, mint and mocha.
Spring Break
French Vanilla Coffee, mocha and strawberry.
Raspberry Mocha- Truffle Mocha
Reg. coffee, raspberry shot and mocha.
Rocky Mountain
Chocolate, Iced Cappuccino and caramel
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin coffee, mocha and caramel.
Jack -o- Lantern
Pumpkin Coffee and Toffee
Monster's Brew
Chocolate Raspberry coffee, mocha and toffee.
Irish Kiss
Irish coffee, mint.
Frosty Supreme
White Choc. Chip, mint and mocha
Polar Espress
Cinnamon Coffee, mocha and mint.
Cupid's Brew
Mocha iced Cappuccino, toffee and white chip coffee.
Valentine's Kiss
Banana Coffee, mocha, iced cappuccino and Strawberry.
Mocha Nog
Mocha and Eggnog coffee
Witches' Brew
pumpkin coffee , mocha and cinnamon powdered.
Holiday Wish
Reg. coffee, mocha and caramel.
reg. coffee, mocha marshmallow, cinnamon powdered.
Jim Dandy
Banana Coffee, mocha, strawberry shots and marshmallow shots.
Funny Bone
Toasted Almond coffee, mocha and marshmallow.
Lucky Clover
City Roast Coffee with White chip shots , mocha and cinnamon Powdered
Chai Tea
Vanilla Chai
Blondie- White chocolate
Blue- Blackberry
Pink- Raspberry
Frangelico- Almond
Nutty - Toffee Nut
Summer time only
Cinnamon Coffee , toffee shot and vanilla ice creme.
Tropical Twist
Banana Coffee, Coconut shot and chocolate ice creme.
Cool Breeze
White chocolate coffee, shot of mint and vanilla ice creme.
Hawaiian coffee, Mocha and strawberry ice creme.
Slush Italian Ice
Summer time only
Blue Raspberry
Frozen Drinks
Java Chip • Cookies ' Creme • Mocha • Chocolate peanut butter• Vanilla Latte
Strawberry • Mango • Pina Colada • Tropical , Strawberry Banana
Honey Raisin Bran
Chocolate Chip
Apple n' Spice
Tri- Berry
Carrot Muffin
French Vanilla
Pumpkin (only seasonal) 
Gingerbread (only seasonal)
Apple Turnover
Raspberry Turnover
Cinnamon Stick
Raspberry Stick
Lemon- Raspberry
Strawberry Cheese
We also have :
Coffee Rolls
Apple Fritter
Plain Bagel
Onion Bagel
Everything Bagel
Wheat Bagel
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
W/ Creme Cheese, Peanut Butter, Plain Butter, Margarine or Grape Jelly
Breakfast Sandwiches
Croissant, Bagels, English Muffin, Cuban bread Or Wheat bread
Scramble Eggs and Cheese W/ Bacon, Sausage, ham or Turkey
Pastrami, steak and kielbasa
Fiesta Supreme sandwich
(any meat,eggs,and cheese with cream cheese on your choice of bread)
Sunny side up sandwich
(any meat, sunny side up eggs, cheese and Chipotle on your choice of bread)
Super Supreme sandwich
(turkey, veggie omelet, cheese and spinach on a wheat toast)
Pesto sandwich
(Turkey, mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomatoes, Pesto, Supreme dressing on a Cuban bread)
We also have Egg Whites
We have a verity of Donuts and Crullers all made daily Fresh.
Peanut butter and Oreo Donut
Specialty donuts ( seasonal only)
Oreo, Smore’s, Reese's cup, apple cider, maple bacon, Fruity Pebbles and more
Supreme Coffee And Donuts
Supply Coffee
Bagels for General Meetings and all occasions
We make Cookies, mini gourmet muffins and others for special orders.
Brew flavor Coffee
Hawaiian Chocolate
French Vanilla
Vanilla Hazelnut
Decaf French Vanilla
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Toasted Almond
Banana Hazelnut
Kahlua N' Creme
White Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Raspberry
Seasonal only (Maple, pumpkin, eggnog, gingerbread, and more)
Red bull Infusion drinks (strawberry, blue raspberry, coconut, watermelon, green apple, and raspberry)
Protein Shakes
Cup of gains (chocolate whey Protein, banana, peanut butter, almond milk)
Big five (Vanilla whey Protein, banana, blueberries and almond milk)
We also have Pre-Sweeten Lemon Iced Tea Iced Cappuccino Bottle Drinks (Gatorade, milk, juices, water and soda.)
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